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Export not available in Macros

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How come one can't use Export in a macro.

It's one of the more tedious tasks to handle when saving hundreds or even thousands of images from a days work.


My workflow for RAWs in Photoshop:


Make adjustments of non straight shoots.

Fine-crop if necessary.

Fine-adjust contrast, levels etc if necessary.

Noice removal if necessary.

Sensor dust removal if necessary.


In (one) macro ( action ):

1. Save as PSD in a sub-directory to where the RAWs are. Created by the macro. 

2. Rezise to 2500px on the longest side.

3. Add a tiny sharpening ( smart sharpen)

4. Change the mode to 8 bit for jpg. 

5. Create a sub-directory for the jpg:s and save the jpg.  

6. Close the Image.


Load the next image and repeat.


Very tedious if one can't use a macro for the steps 1 to 6.



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Is it possible to use my actions from Photoshop (.atn files) into photos while using Affinity? If not now...in the near future?

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