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Displacement filter loads map both from beneath and current layer

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Live displacement filter has a button to "Load Map From Layers Beneath". My expectation based on the name, and also the most useful behaviour would be to load displacement from only the layers beneath but not the current layer. This would allow to displace the current layer based on layers beneath.

However it appears to also include current layer in the calculation of displacement map. This quickly becomes obvious if, after creating the filter you click drag the layer which is being displaced. The outlines of it's original position are clearly shown in the displacement applied. Try with the attached image, click drag the text layer.


Having the current layer being included in displacement also creates artifacts in the displacement around the edges in the current layer, which are visible even without this "moving experiment", and I think I can even see them in this tutorial video at 2:08. Look for the transparent halo in the inside of the letter A. (attached image to indicate where I see the issue)



(The issue would also be obvious if the displacement map itself would be viewable, which AFAIK is not)



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Thanks for reporting this, apologies it took so long to get a reply to you.


I can see what you mean, the outline of the "Art" text probably shouldn't exist in your example file, so i've logged it for the developers to look at further.

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Any update on this? The bug is still present in 1.6.1.

The "Load Map from layers beneath" creates the incorrect displacement map applied on the 2 text because it includes the text itself in it's own displacement map. This creates the artifacts around the edges on the lower example. The upper example has the correct displacement map which was created by having only the background layer visible, and then clicking on the "Load Map from layers beneath". Notice lack of the same edge artifacts.


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I too would love to know if there is any update on this.  Here is a more dramatic example of this bug.  I have some 3d text imported from another program and in each shot i used the same settings in both the regular filter and the live layer filter to displace a texture filled rectangle over the text. The regular filter was also given an overlay transparency which I forgot to do on the live filter layer, so I have added it separately you can still see quite a difference.



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