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Merging adjustment layers or editing them?

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I'm currently recolouring some photos so I made a selection of a dress, then went to the Layer menu and selected "recolouring adjustment" from the "new adjustment layer" submenu. I did my edits but discovered that I left out a part of the dress.


In photoshop I would have edited the alpha or mask layer but here that seems to be uneditable? I see an alpha with a black and white image showing me my selection but I cant edit it.


The workaround I found was  to create a greyscale layer from my alpha channel, then do the same with the other one and combine these two followed by creating a new recolouring adjustment. While this works I refuse to believe that this is the right way to do it. Everything else is so simple, I must be doing this wrong.

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Hi Geradvanschip,


You should be able to view your Adjustment layers mask by holding ALT and clicking it in the layers tab. You can then paint onto this using a black/white brush  :)



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