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finally the moment has come that I have to ask for your help. Untill now I have always managed not to take your time, but now I am simply stuck. I am trying to make an HDR using 3 perfectly aligned photos of different exposures... Ususally I have no problem in doing that but in this case the result is terribly "posterised". Below are the source photos, and two results - one with all merge options unchecked and one with all options checked (by options I mean "align" and "remove ghosts" etc.). Does anyone have any idea of what might be causing such behaviour?




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I would not like to take your time, as this is a minor problem for me. I'm more interested in it out of curiosity, as it might happen in the future with some photos of much higher value :) It would be nice to know what to avoid while making pictures to get the best result in HDR... more so, when you realise that panorama in AP is capable of creating almost decent spherical panoramas :) good enough for 3d hdri lighting...

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Hi there,

I've come across the same problem with posterised colours as BloodDrop has, and I'm wondering if anyone has found a solution?  Strange thing is that I shot two sets of bracketed pictures, within seconds of one another from exactly the same position.  One set merges fine, the other comes up horribly posterised.  I'd be very interested to hear if there's something I can do.


Thanks so much!

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Hi !

With three Fuji .RAF files, hdr is NOT posterized if Affinity Photo converts the files.

But hdr is posterized with same files in .jpg or .tiff 16 bits converted with Apple Photos or Silkypix raw converter.

Maybe it helps !

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