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Shading on multiple (pixel) layers at the same time

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Hi all,


For my artwork I have two pixel-layers, both containing the colours of my drawing. I would like to apply shading on both layers simultaneously using the approach described on Vimeo (*). Basically: adding a sublayer, set to 'multiply' and doing the shading there with the brush tool.


I've tried:

- adding a nested layer to one of the color layers and add the shading there, this works great (but only for one layer)

- adding a shading-layer on top of the two layers, works on both layers but also every layer underneath


How to solve?


I've attached an image of my setup.




*: vimeo.com/107563044


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Hi Lee D, thanks for answering!


Yes, this is an alternative, but then I have to do this every time I make shading adjustments. So not ideal.


Also, I may run into the problem that the shading doesn't overlap correctly on the other layer (since I can't "see what I'm doing" until copy/pasting the layer as a nested layer)

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Not sure I understand the request 100% but could you use a symbol?


Then any changes that you paint onto the Shading symbol will automatically propagate onto all instances where ever they are located.

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