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Custom shortcuts for View actions not working

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I find myself unable to change the shortcuts for the view actions in the Develop persona, specifically the actions

- Zoom 100%

- Zoom 200% (and so on)

- Zoom To Fit

They are mapped to Strg+<Some numbers>, and these shortcuts work.


However, these shortcuts with modifier keys are too cumbersome for such important actions I need to do often.

Therefore I wanted to assign just numbers or function keys for them.

Indeed I can change the settings, i.e. enter just "1" or "F4" or "Strg+p" whatever for "Zoom 100%" ... but the change is never applied. The new shortcut is not working, but the old one still is, although the setting is apparently saved in the preferences.


I am doing this from the Develop persona in v1.5.1.54 Trial on Windows.


I can however change the setting (e.g. Zoom 100, Zoom to Fit) in the Photo Persona.

I cannot seriously set them to numbers, as these keys are obviously hard-coded to some transparency, but other free shortcuts such as F2, F3 and F4 work. If I check "Apply to all" I can then finally use them in the Develop Persona as well.



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One addition:

I stated above that I was able to change the shortcuts in the Develop Persona via the Photo Persona and "Apply to all" as a workaround.

Today I discovered that after a fresh start of Affinity Photo the shortcuts in the Develop Persona are back to their original assignments (Ctrl+0, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2), although the shortcuts settings page still lists the desired changed ones.



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