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I often experience long hung-ups when opening Export modal panel in AP and AD and this time it crashed after a few minutes of "Spinning Beach Ball of Death". The app was marked "not responding" in "Force Quit" window (cmd-alt-esc)[1], but I didn't kill it, just waited. 


Please, do something with these hung-ups. It's probably related to estimating file size, as it happens a moment after opening Export panel every time. For smaller projects it's hardly noticeable, but for the current one (B1 poster @300dpi) it just breaks the flow. Besides this issue the apps work very smoothly ^^.


BTW I'm on Mac (El Capitan, 8GB RAM).

Best regards and looking forward to news on the topic





[1] The actual english names could be different, as my system is set to other language.

Affinity Photo_2017-05-01-212201_BlackNoise.crash

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Hi smokie1019,

I've tried your file and it's exporting correctly for me as PDF (for export). It does take quite some time - you've set a high dpi value 1200 - and the file uses several effects from gaussian blurs to 3D FX which must be processed (rasterised) for export but i'm not experiencing any crash (at least with the setting i tried). Can you give us more details about the format you are trying to export, the preset used (or custom settings if you changed it)?

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Pdf flattened, 6x8, 1200? is that what you're asking?


Thank you for trying it out to see what's up.

I can try to lower the dpi, or, prerasterize some of the elements in AP, and see if it will export.

I'm blaming the large amount of tiny tiny ice cubes in the illustration, myself.


I'll give it another shot, let's see what happens.


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Thanks for the details @smokie1019.

I've just tried with the settings you specified (at 1200dpi). No issues here.

It took less than 10 min - i don't know the exact time because i've started the export then moved to other programs/work. Ten minutes later (when i checked Designer again) the process already had finished.

You don't have to wait for the program to finish the calculation of the estimated file size, just press Export and let it complete the export process.

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