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When importing either .pdfs or .ai files created in illustrator the text can become corrupted and misaligned. (see attachment)


This is clearly related to how AD is rendering spacing from the imported file and is, typically, easily corrected in the AD file. However, this can cause problems when sharing files between two designers when one is using Adobe and the other using Affinity especially when making corrections to a particular part of an image where text was rendered improperly in a different part of the image. - the correcting designer then has to review the entire image for discrepancies (and be aware of what the entire design should look like to make corrections) prior to saving and sending back to the other designer.


Occasionally, when making corrections to text in these imported files, lines will appear with, essentially, no spacing between lines and where new text is partially obscured by existing text. (could not recreate for this report, but it has occurred on more than one occasion for me)





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HI Machba


Are all the require fonts installed on the system with Affinity? We currently do not read fonts embedded within the PDF so require them to be replaced which can causes differences. If you do have the same fonts, would you be able to provide a copy of the PDF for us to look into? 



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