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Do you plan to make Affinity Designer any better while working with fonts? (So much vital for pro users)


What about integration with Font Managers out there (Linotype's Font Explorer, Suitcase and so...)


I am installing fonts with Font Explorer X Pro.

Those fonts do not show in Affinity D (no plugin)

Manual font activation in Affinity D is so much annoying. 



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It could be an issue with Font Explorer X Pro. In both Suitcase Fusion v5 (mavericks) and v6 (Yosemite), all the fonts I installed show up in AD. The Groups (folders or "Collections") don't show up, but all the fonts do. Suitcase doesn't have a plugin for non-adobe apps, but that's not an issue for me.

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To really be pro applications, Affinity will have to work with a font manager that auto-activates.

But we will still support Affinity as the Adobe Alternative. 

Color management is also problematic. I struggle to understand it. I wonder if others do.

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I too would wish for some kind of auto-activation. This will become especially crucial with Publisher, so I hope they have some kind of solution in place. I use FontAgent on Mac, which is not perfect in any way, but works with my older Adobe CS5 apps. I can activate fonts and they do appear in Affinity, but when I have a document open with fonts missing, even after activating them in FontAgent, the fonts don't update, even if they appear in the menu. I have to close and reopen the document for it to work.


What I am also missing is a Used Fonts dialogue. This is essential to show which fonts are used in the documents, if some cause problems. Also if I want to replace a font in the entire document, this is the best solution. I hope Affinity can add this to Publisher as well as Designer & Photo in the near future

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Hello Guys !

well i'm pleased to read this.
i've found something that may help you to feel good (for now) with this fonts stuff.

but it's now only for those using Mac (i've not yet tested on Windows), go to Font Book > Edit > Disable "User".
This will turn off all fonts manually installed by the user (you in this case) and located in the related category; then start Affinity (photo or designer doesn't matter) it will load really fast (you will notice that).

When your software (Affinity) is open and you are all ready, go to your User font category and select all fonts (click on the first one then cmd+A for select all) then right click and enable fonts if you want to enable them all, on the other case, just enable the one you want to use and use it for your project then turn it off again at project end.

Do not forget to make it curve before you turn the font off again, it's something that works for me so for the time until Serif find a way to make it better i think this trick can help.

Blessings !


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