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Paragraph panel is hard to use and understand

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Just a feedback, guys.


Paragraph panel is a total mess:

1. What happened to paragraph leading dropdawn button (see screenshot)?

2. Paragraph icons are inconsistent. "Space after paragraph" icon has an indent and others don't. This just makes no sense.

3. The spacing is very bad. Icons should be visually closer to the corresponding input boxes

4. UI elements are misaligned

5. Icons are not sharp. Yeah, they should look good on retina screens, but on a basic monitor they are ugly.


I don't want to fix only these mentioned issues,  I think, that UI should be looked at and redesigned. The paragraph panel is a good and very important example, because we use it very often and it should look solid. For now it's hard to understand how to use it and you need to spend a lot of time to get familiar with the options, even that all of these options you've already seen in other application.


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I would like to second that. Wholeheartedly. The typography-related panels still require a “second look” or a “second glance” from me, even after having used them for quite a few months. I really hope these accessibility issues will be somewhat mitigated when the light user interface is introduced, but nonetheless, I would like to suggest that you try to render these panels more accessible also in the dark version. Increase the contrast, clean up the relations of the UI elements, remove the inconsistencies, allow the panels to consume a little more screen space, if everything else fails. C’mon guys, you can do it better …  ;)  :)

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