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Is there an Illustrator to Designer transition guide?

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Hello. I have been using Illustrator regularly since CS2 (~10 years), and I recently purchased Affinity Designer.


I'm interested in a dictionary of Illustrator features and workflows done in Designer. I'm willing to pay $$$ for it too.


For example:


Illustrator anchor point: Designer it is called an X

Illustrator outline mode: Designer go to X menu and click Y

Illustrator direct selection tool: Designer combination of X tool and Y tool. If you need to select and move one Z

Illustrator reflect tool: Designer not a tool, but reflection function, etc...


Unreal Engine has some pretty good Unity to Unreal transition resources (I won't link to them since this is my first post).


Does such a resource exist for Affinity Designer?

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Hi oranjoose,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

No, there no transition guide available, but there's several learning resources available for Designer:

- the In-house Video Tutorials for Affinity Designer
- the Affinity Designer Workbook - Affinity Designer’s Official Guide 
- the Help file (menu Help ▸ AffinityDesigner/Photo Help) covers extensively all features/tools of the program.  It’s a great reference, don’t overlook it.
- I’ve also compiled a list of other learning resources here, including third party Books, Training Courses and Written Tutorials in the Designer section.
Hope it helps. If you have any question regarding any of the tools or their equivalents in Illustrator just post here in the forums. There's plenty of users and staff willing to help.

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Haven't used Illustrator for at least 6 years, tho' did use it often 20+ years ago. I suppose my comments are not worth .001$


Anchor point = "node" using node tool. I think

Outline mode: Mac, command Y

Direct selection tool, the Move tool, kinda...

No reflection tool like AI. Can copy, duplicate and transform around object or page axes, but no automatic reflection axis.



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