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Affinity Photo (Version 1.5.2) - April 27, 2017






We would like to build a Macro that includes different layers to build some sort of 3D image impressions including a separate background. Below you'll find the exact steps we've taken so far:






1) Drag and drop a .jpg image into Affinity Photo


2) Activate Macro


3) Document --> Resize Document to 560px x 395px, Units: Pixels, DPI: 450, Resample: Bilinear, Resample activated/ticked --> Resize


4) Document --> Resize Canvas --> 640px x 640px, Units: Pixels, Anchor: Center --> Resize


5) Click on image with cursor/arrow --> Document --> Flatten


6) Transform --> S: -3 Degrees


7) C&P image, switch to last layer and Transform --> S: +3 Degrees


8) Move edited image (of last/lowest layer) accordingly and enter H-Value with a Delta of -20px


9) Effects --> Gradient Overlay


10) Layer --> New Layer --> Arrange --> Move to Back


11) Choose Flood Fill Tool --> Click into empty area --> Effects --> Gradient Overlay --> Type: Radial


12) Document --> Flatten


13) Stop Recording Macro


14) Add To Library --> Enter Macro name and hit OK --> Don't save the document






1) File --> New Batch Job process and choose "Save as JPEG"


While the above steps (1 – 14) work perfectly fine when doing everything manually in Affinity Photo, it doesn't so when executed via Macro. To see the difference between Manual vs. Macro refer to the ZIP-Attachment below.






How can we build a Macro so that the final image looks EXACTLY like the one shown under manual conditions?







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Hi Pat


There are some issue with resizing in macros which is a large part of the macro so this is the most probable cause. The developers are already aware of macro issue with resizing so hopefully a fix to this will be seen in a future release



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I am having the same issues. Do you know when this problem is going to get fixed? It is annoying since we still need Photoshop to do this kind of job.

Please keep us updated. Thanks.

Miss C



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Affinity Photo (Version 1.6.6) Status - November 7, 2017


Hi Leigh,


It's been more than six months now.


Please confirm that the existing Batch Job bug in your new Affinity Photo (Version 1.6.6) has been resolved 100%. Otherwise, customers will still have to rely on Photoshop to perform basic batch processing. To verify whether your batch processing works as expected (and clearly discussed in full detail) follow the steps as shown further above in this thread.



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