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First of all, great job with affinity designer! Kudos to everyone involved!


Today I needed to open and make some alterations on a PSD file which I had sent to large format printing last year.

I noticed after saving it in .afdesign format that the selective colour layer reverts back to "relative" mode.

I unchecked the "relative" checkbox, saved and closed the document.

Upon reopening I saw that it reverted back to relative mode again.

Seems like it doesn't save the selective colour adjustment layer in what is called "absolute" mode in adobe products.

It's a tiny bug, but it becomes a bit annoying when you have several adjustment layers on the document.


Off topic P.S. 1024 px brush size doesn't quite cut it when working with large format stuff.

Especially when tying to soften up the pixel layer masks.

I hope you guys give us the option to use much bigger brushes down the road.




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Now that the beta version of Photo is released, I looked into it for a bit.

It is very promising and I like it very much so far.

I hope it gets released soon in the Mac App store. (I'd even buy it as it is today.)


However the problem I mentioned in my first post is consistent between photo and designer.


If the checkbox in the red square in the pic below is unselected, its state doesn't get saved with the document.



This could easily cause problems when someone sends a file which contains a selective color layer

to the printing house. A temporary workaround is to rasterize the affected layers, but then it becomes a destructive edit,

which defeats the purpose of the adjustment layers.



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