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I know this will probably take a lot of work but I'd love a good toolkit to animate my SVG files for the web. 
Icons, ui elements. SVG is becoming a more prominent and important part of webdesign however, it takes way to much time to fine-tune an animation, not to mention the amount of repetitive code for really simple animations. 


As proven, you guys know how to make very easy-to-use environment for complex stuff, so I can't imagine how fun it would be to tweak my animations within the Affinity environment. 

Or just an all new piece of software! 



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I absolutely second this. I regularly use Photoshop's awkward animation features to create anything from quick hand-drawn type loops to pixel art character animation. It'll take something really special to stop me using After Effects to put it all together, but I would LOVE a better, simpler way to create frame-by-frame assets.


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