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[Fixed] Repeated crash in Designer 1.5

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I've got a web layout file I've been playing around with that's given me a repeated crash after about 5-10 min each time. I'm trying to prep a file to include as an exercise file in an upcoming course, and I'd like to know what I need to do to get a stable file to show/include. Can I get an email to share the file for review? I don't mind reworking it, but figured it be helpful.

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Thanks—ha, sorry I uploaded before I read your whole message! File is "m4_web_layout_start" for reference. Not sure what was off last night but had about 5 crashes. I started rebuilding the layout in a new file today (after deleting all symbols) and haven't had an issue in the new file.

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Hi smallreflection,

Thanks for the file. The issue is the robot head -> the layers that are symbols (identified by the orange stripe on the left on the layers in the Layers panel). To fix the file do the following:

- open the Symbols panel (menu View ▸ Studio ▸ Symbols)

- open the robot_shadow group in the Layers panel

- open the robot-body group

- open the head group

- select the two ear layers

- click the Detach button in the Symbols panel

That's it. You can now move/edit the robot without crashing Affinity.


I'm filling a bug report for this and passing your file to the dev team.

Let me know if you still have trouble.

Thanks for your support.

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