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[Fixed] Colour panel: Inconsistent values in RGB Hex

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There are cases when value in #(RGB) input box differs from what is shown in R, G or B. The difference equals 1.

  • Go to Colour panel and set "RGB Hex" in Colour Model Selection.
  • Use mouse to set any slider until you notice that value shown in input box next to the slider differs from #(RGB) input box.
Example: I set R to 50 using mouse, but #(RGB) displays 510000.


EDIT: Same thing happens for many colours chosen from RGB Spectrum.


Affinity Photo, Windows 7 Pro x64, non-HiDPI laptop display [1600x900]

Affinity suite [Designer | Photo | Publisher]
ThinkPad T430 (2344-56G) [Core i7 3520M @ 2.9GHz, 8GB RAM, NVS 5400M] | Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

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