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Not sure if this is an AP bug, but it really bothers me

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One of the things that's preventing me from switching from Photoshop to Affinity Photo is the fact that when I export jpegs from Affinity Photo they look tiny on the screen compared with the equivalent files I produce with Photoshop. 


As you can see from my attachment, the disparity is tremendous. 


Why is this happening? Why don’t the Affinity exports look as large on my screen (27” retina iMac) as the Photoshop exports?


I know that at some point in the future I will be unable to use Photoshop and will have to switch to something else, and based on the excellence of Affinity Designer I ponied up for Affinity Photo. I hate Adobe’s subscription model and have been clinging to Photoshop CS 6, but this pixel dimension disparity really bothers me. Is there some simple AP preference or setting I need to adjust?




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Hi andy-in-mke


There is a known issue with the embed metadata option using the image's origianl stored dpi instead of what is set from export. Unticking this option may help you with your export



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Hi Chris,

I know you left your response to my question almost a year ago but I didn’t see it ’til now. 

Just wanted to let you know that unticking the embed metadata option did not solve the problem, alas.

Thanks anyway,


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