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science / astronomy illustrations

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Here are a few of the illustration that I created for a site I just finished working on. All the final images were SVG files but many of them started with a photo reference or with original art created in Photo. There are a few that were all done in Designer as well. For some of the images (such as the quasar and the fusion image) I also used Flame Painter which is a fractal paint application and would then bring those elements into Photo to composite and adjust them to get the final art. I can go into more of the process if anyone is interested.





The Universe from A to Z



post-45123-0-28488400-1492612558_thumb.jpg post-45123-0-07553800-1492612559_thumb.jpg


post-45123-0-43516600-1492612559_thumb.jpg post-45123-0-97294800-1492612559_thumb.jpg





Work site: Pixel and Poly


Introduction to astronomy and the universe website (all images were created with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer): The Universe from A to Z

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