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Levels adjustments - are there any output settins? (Photo)

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I use level adjustments all the time. In the Photoshop levels adjustment there are the input settings and gamma setting at the top but at the bottom there are also output settings. I do use all of them at different times. Is there a way to adjust the output settings in Photo similar to how they would be adjusted in PS? 


I'm fine if it requires a different adjustment layer, although it would be great if it was located inside the levels adjustment.






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Unfortunately, this feature is currently missing – I'd also like to see it, and also see the sliders vertically compressed so they are right under the histogram like in Photoshop instead of the two vertical lines that can be mistaken for histogram peaks.


However, you can use a Curves adjustment layer to achieve the same effect. Input levels can be achieved by moving the right (white) and left (black) point horizontally while leaving them at the same vertical position. I think Photo doesn't have a clipping preview in Curves though, so you lose that.


Output levels can be achieved by moving the black and white points vertically while leaving them at the same horizontal position. Lack of a clipping preview is usually not relevant here, unless you work on HDR floating point documents. Combinations of input and output levels can be achieved by moving the points both horizontally and vertically.


You can approximate the Gamma slider by adding a point in the middle of your curve and moving that vertically. It's mathematically not the exact same thing as gamma (so don't use it if you need to reverse or match an exact numeric gamma curve/value precisely), but it's close enough to achieve the same effects and actually offers more control than a gamma slider.


Note that the Alpha option in Curves seems to be somewhat broken currently.

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Thanks Peter, I have been using the curves adjustment instead of the levels output and it's a good workaround, I just miss the numeric input for those settings. I'll probably stick to using levels for my gamma adjustments and just add a curves adjustment if I need to adjust the output levels. Thanks for taking the time to reply with all the info. Do you happen to know if someone has put in a feature request for output settings on the levels adjustment?


edit: just saw someone already requested this feature. 

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