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Best way to Reuse Icons

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out the best way to design icons with Affinity Designer. At this point I've figured out that I should design my icons at @1x then export them in the sizes I want. But there's one question that remains. How is the best way to reuse an icon?


For example: imagine if I'm designing a search icon with a little magnifying glass. This icon is intended to be of 40 points for both iOS and Android. Designed, exported, everything is fine.


But now I want to reuse that icon in a larger one. Say, that it would be the same magnifying glass but on a piece of paper. And this icon is expected to be at least 2 times larger proportionally to the first one. I need to double the size of my magnifying glass.


How would you do that? Can Symbols help in this regard?

Because if I'm just taking my vector magnifying glass, copy it onto the next document, then try to augment its height and width, I'll get the good size but the strokes won't increase accordingly... And I don't see myself exporting the magnifying glass into pixels to reuse it on a vector document.


Thanks a lot for your help,


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About the things you mention on Symbols, I made this iOS icons template, where I used Symbols in different sizes. It's one approach to get your icons ready from the start for various resolutions.


Hope this helps!

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