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Resize existing A4 document with multiple canvases for A5 print

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Hello :) 


I have created a document containing multiple pages (12) in size A4, each page on its own art board.


The print shop wants me to send a PDF (or the original file) in size A5.


I have looked and looked... and still can't figure out how to either:

- resize my original A4 document to a A5

- or export my original A4 document to an A5

- or export my original A4 document into a A5 PDF

- or if there is another way...


I thought that A5 is simply half an A4 and it would be easy for the printer to simply downsize, but apparently it doesn't work like that so...


I need to send that file YESTERDAY so... help me please :)


Thank you


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Hi and welcome to the forum,


first make a copy of your original A4 file here for security reasons, so you have a backup in cases things get messed up etc.!


Then open that A4 document copy and select the individual artboards in the Layers panel, select the Move Tool, go to the context toolbar and make sure Lock Children is unchecked. Now scale the individual selected artboard and it's contents to the desired A5 dimensions (via the transform tool panel or by dragging etc.).


Another possibility is to use instead some third party PDF-tool which can transform/scale down your A4 PDF into A5 PDF format. - And yes, usually I too would expect that a dedicated print service is capable of downsizing/scaling down a document accordingly!

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However, certain texts are not scaling down with the rest - there must me a tick box i need to use somewhere...?

When you select an artboard containing text with the Move tool, you should see an extra control handle outside the eight around the edges of the selection box, located below & to the right of the lower corner of the box. Using this handle to resize the artboard should scale all the text proportionally.


Unfortunately, this handle has no equivalent in the Transform panel so you have to do it by dragging in the workspace. 

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Thank you for asking the question, happy.burrito. and R C-R for the answer, and yes, it would be great to do this particular transform precisely, Serif

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