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my PSD artline is not so smooth when i open it in Affinity

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hello there, lately i learn how to digital inking. i love using both Affinity to do all my work (in my office) but not for inking, line art, whatever people call it. I dont know why it feels so hard for me to be smooth in affinity, i am sorry i know i am new guy here, maybe i should learn a lot.


then i installed medibang. it was suprised me because medibang is very well to do line art, even i am new in digital drawing it feels like so easy to play around in medibang. maybe medibang focus on it. 


back at it again, 

after i have fun drawing in medibang so i export (PSD) it to affinity photo, because i wanna learn to coloring in affinity. but i find something ugly in my drawing after i import it to affinity. when i ZOOM(-), it looks distorted too much,. i can say it because i compare it when i opened it with Manga STudio, and its fine.


maybe , my artline look well on affinity only when it in actual zoom, maybe


in affinity PHOTO :




medibang : ORIGINAL file




manga :



in Designer :




if you guys look closly, you will find a different, i think.


so do i should do some setting on affinity to make it normal? please give me advice, i am afraid if it will effect my next printing job when i work with it.


thank you so much 


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Hi awan,

Can you please attacht he PSD file exported from MediBang so we can take a look please? You can do so using this link.

Don't forget to add you forum's username to the file name.

All files will be deleted after being checked.


file sent, thanks 

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Hi awan,

Thanks for the file. This is due to the way we render the image on screen and happens when you use arbitrary zoom levels (like 126% zoom). If you check you image at 100%, 200%, 400% etc it should look similar to what you get in Photoshop. I'm passing this to the dev team to see if it can be improved.

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