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Ultrabooks and 2-in1's for best Affinity Performance (and some other applications)

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I've been hemming and hawwing for several months over a decision to purchase a new Windows-based ultrabook for personal use. I have a day-to-day work machine that I have almost no choice over and it's not even worth mentioning.


MOST of the laptops I'm looking at have the integrated HD 620 off of an Intel core i7500. One option has a dedicaed GPU.


1. Dell Inspiron 13' --- i7-7500, 16gb ram 512Solid state drive, 1920x1080 touch display (folds like a tent, 2-in-1)

2. Razer Blade Stealth --- i7-7500, 16gb ram, 512 gz solid state drive, gorgeous 4k screen (standard laptop form factor)

3. Asus UX 303UA --- Last year's model i7-6500, 12gb ram, but has a @2gb Nvidia GT940M 2GB graphics discrete gpu, QHD screen gorgeous basically/almost 4k display, (standard laptop form factor)

4. Maybe..so expensive and I think it looks gawdy and for the most expenxive option - cheap-looking...  HP x360 Spectre --- i7 7500, 16gb ram, 512gb solid state drive, Integrated HD 620 graphics, k4 display, active pen support, by far the most expensive one @ around $1700USD (can fold like a tabet though and has full pen support like a Microsoft Surfacebook pro)



Of these, and considering I'm a mouse keyboard designer as opposed to a capacative/active pen person day-to-day, any thoughts as to what would be the best option? Does that dedicated GPU in the Asus make that much difference here?


Other things to consider that this laptop will be doing:

1. Universe Sandbox

2. Kerbal Space Program

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

heavy, multi-monitor productivity stuff, browsers with many tabs, webdev tools, Adobe Creative Cloud.


Any thoughts?


Thank you,


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I would opt for the Razer Blade Stealth. It's a incredibly well built machine, and supports the Razer Core out of the box, an external housing that allows you to hook a desktop class GPU through its TB3 port. If money is no object, it's really the one best way to go.


Also, consider looking at the Dell XPS13. 

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