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Hello friends :)


Can anyone help me with centring text vertically in Affinity Photo? Can find horizontal no problem, but vertical alignment feels elusive. I've done some searches and found a few people asking for this back in 2015, but nothing conclusive about whether the feature exists or will ever exist.


Why I want it in case you can help me find a better way :) I'm doing cover design for a book and want to align the text on the spine (currently rotated 90 degrees) so that it is centred. "Roughly right" with the Mark 1 eyeball is how I'm doing it at the moment, but I suspect the Mark 1 eyeball has a bit of an error rate.




Thanks in advance. Affinity feels like the best software purchase I've made this year.

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Hi ParrtForte,

Welcome to the forums.


Currently centering text vertically isn't a feature in Affinity Photo, it's more a feature that will be in Affinity Publisher first. Then included in Photo and Designer, you can manually center the text vertically and horizontally by using the character and paragraph panels and adjusting them.

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