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Layers panel improvements

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Although it is mostly ok, the layers panel could use much improvement overall. Here are a few things I'd be happy to see:

  • Global lock/unlock for objects.
  • Individual solo/un-solo for objects. The current alt+click on a thumbnail just doesn't cut it, as it's not robust enough. It simply turns off when clicking away. This significantly limits the potential this feature could offer.
  • Ability to make the list more condensed, so that more items can be visible at once.
  • A larger thumbnail pop-up preview when hovered over the smaller thumbnail next to the object in the layers panel (this would help when making the list more condensed)
  • Overall performance. To me, on my relatively powerful Windows machine, it feels a bit sluggish. Nothing too serious, but still feels like there's a lag whenever the layer has been moved or a when a group is being expanded. It's not exactly snappy compared to other software I've used.

You guys are doing a great work so far! Can't wait to see more of the future updates! From what I've seen so far, it can only get better.

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I haven't had much need for the locking but I mostly do things that designers would probably consider stuff for beginners (and I still managed to break things :) ).  


However, the layers list is a very critical UI element, and even with my primitive efforts it has already become evident that some sort of scale or zoom function would be useful.  At present I work my way around that by grouping elements, but that has its own problems - upvote for that..

Regards, Binc


Warning: dark, twisted sense of humour.  Do not feed after midnight.

Wheat and BS intolerant.  Only use genuine Guinness to lubricate.

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