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Transparency Tool -- how to delete your transparency

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Let's say I do this:


1. Place an EPS graphics in Affinity Designer.

2. Use Transparency Tool on the graphic to make part of it transparent (a gradient).


How do I UNDO that action later on?  Sure, I can eliminate it by pressing CMD-Z numerous times (loosing all my other work in the process).  But I don't see how to eliminate that added transparency when I look at the Layers palette.  I see the transparency on my layer, but I don't see how to zap that transparency into oblivion.  If it was added as a separate layer, it would be easy to delete the transparency, but it isn't.  It merely displays in the layers palette.


How do I delete a transparency I added to an object via the Transparency Tool?


Thank you.

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Select the object with the transparency

Select the Transparency Tool

Select the transparent end node of the transparency line

Hit delete key

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I just had this very same question. JDW is spot on here - how elusive is this?! Two years on and we still have to use this obscure method to remove transparency. Wouldn't it be so much easier and vastly more intuitive to simply have a Remove Transparency button on the context toolbar?

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I agree 100% with razorpig in that it is totally unacceptable after all this time that nothing has improved.  If Affinity apps will ever become an Adobe substitute (and I've long hoped for that), they must continuously be improved.  That's not happening now, nor has it in the last two years since my previous post in this thread.  It's unacceptable and a crying shame.

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Or have a styles panel the gives a list of applied style effects that can be removed or turned off, maybe add these options to the fx panel, transparency and texture.

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