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Same keyboard shortcuts for different tools

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 I'd like to be able to use the same keyboard shortcut combinations for different tools. For example, since the default combination for "arrange > move to back" requires a key combination that is incompatible with my keyboard layout, I have assigned "CTRL+B" for this action. However, this combination is already in use so it clashes with the text tool (bold).


If I assign it anyway, CTRL+B works for some objects (groups, images) and really does send them to back, but majority of objects like the rectangle, circle, triangle, etc don't work. And, once assigned, it also works when I try to use it for bolding the text, but the fact that most objects ignore this makes it unusable.


So in a sense, even though these shortcuts seem to be clashing, they really are not. It would be great if Affinity could recognize that. Xara Designer works like that, and I've been using it for years. I think it's a cool feature and probably not too hard to implement.

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There is in general a need for command keys to be editable.  Problem no 1 when working in multiple languages is that not all keys are easily accessible in each language layout, so what seems a perfectly usable keystroke in English may be hard to use in another.


A simple example: the ubiquitous "#" key is pretty much buried on a Swiss German Mac layout (it takes two modifiers to access it, which is a bit of a swine if you're writing code or editing in a plain text application such as Ulysses :) ).

Regards, Binc


Warning: dark, twisted sense of humour.  Do not feed after midnight.

Wheat and BS intolerant.  Only use genuine Guinness to lubricate.

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