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On 1 Photoshop Compatible Plugins

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On 1 makes Photoshop compatible plug-ins. I am trying to use these with Affinity Photo.


1. Go to Preferences=>Photoshop Plugins and add Plugin Search Folders. 


   ---since the dialog box specifically mentions "Folders" can we assume that this is in contradistinction to "Files"? 


2. On 1's Plugin Folders reside in Mac=>Applications=>ON 1 Photo 10.

    --each of the Plugins resides in its own subfolder. 


    2a. Add ON 1 Photo 10 Folder to "Plugin Search Folders" Box in Affinity Photo. 

    2b. Enable Root "/" in Plugin Support folders (though Plug-in Support is contained in On 1 Photo 10 Folder

    2c. Select "Authorize Global."

    2d. Select "Close"


3. Restart Program. Failure: Under Filters=>Plugins, no files appear. 


4. Go to Preferences=>Photoshop Plugins and add Plugin Search Folders. 

5. Add path to "On 1 Photo 10" subfolders where each plugin resides (MacHD=>Users=>XX=>Applications=>On 1 Photo 10=>Plugin Files
     5a. Select Authorize Global; then Close
6. Restart Program. Failure: Under Filters=>Plugins, no files appear. 
7. Go to Preferences=>Photoshop Plugins=>Open Default Folder in Finder
8. Go to Default Folder
   8a. Copy *.plugin files from On 1 Plugins Folder
   8b. Global Authorize
   8c. Restart Program. 
9. Failure: Under Filters=>Plugins, no files appear. (Allow unknown plugins is checked).
So what am I doing wrong? 
I understand that an automated installation won't work in the absence of Photoshop. But these are Photoshop-compatible. They might work with Affinity Photo if I could get them installed. The trip down the rabbit hole following all these steps was unsuccessful What will work to INSTALL these, so that Affinity can see them? Does Affinity work with *.plugin files or is it looking only for folders, or...who knows???


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