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Dragging an object also scrolls the canvas (trackpad)

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I'm using Affinity on a trackpad (OSX).  When I drag an object sometimes the canvas scrolls (moves) a bit too).  This happens most frequently when I'm selecting the object and dragging at the same time, but it can also happen when I'm dragging an object that's already selected.  They key to preventing it is to deliberately pause between clicking the object and making the drag gesture.


Has anyone else seen this?  Maybe Affinity is perceiving the drag gesture as a scroll gesture (both two-finger gestures)?  Is there some way to disable two-finger canvas scrolling?

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Hi Matthew,


I've not seen anyone report this issue before I'm afraid. Please could you let me know which Mac you are using and what gesture you are using to drag?




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I'm using a Macbook Pro with Touch Bar (BTW, love Affinity's touch bar support!).  


The gesture I'm using is two-finger dragging - i.e. click and hold with one finger, then slide the other finger.  It's not a problem since I can just retrain myself to use one-finger drag and three-finger drag.  But I do think this is a bug in Affinity.  For example, if I two-finger drag a file in a Finder window, it will not cause the window to scroll.

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