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Why are tiff or jpeg files directly saved from AD .svg file blurry?

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I first created a nice clear graphic with AD and saved it as .svg file.


Next later , I open the AD generated  .svg file and save the graphic  as a .tiff file for later use in a PAGES document.


Next I insert the .tiff graphic into the apple PAGES word-processing document, and

I get a blurry looking image that was NOT blurry in the original .svg file


For comparison, I feed the same AD made .svg file into the "Graphic Converter" program and 

save the image as a .tiff file, and then insert it into PAGES word-processing program and I get a nice sharp image!


The two side by side images are shown in the screen snapshot of the PAGES page.

(the forum would not allow a PAGES document to be attached)




Why cannot AD directly produce a nice crisp .tiff image, (while Graphic Converted can

produce a crisp tiff image ) both  operating with THE SAME  AD .svg file?




Had same problem making .jpg images from the base case AD .svg file.


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Two options to try:


1) copy the graphic in AD, and paste directly in Pages. This ought to retain the vectors - better than a bitmap.




2) save the graphic in AD as a PDF file. Import into your Pages document. This should retain the vectors and quality as well.


Good luck! Pages is unfortunately rather limited in terms of vector import.

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To minimize risk of blurry exports, you have to make sure move by whole pixels & force pixel alignment are turned on (even better if they are on since the creation of your document) and check the object/image/layer width and height values in the the transform tab and at the final export to be integer values. :)

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Hi kalinoaj,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Can you please upload the original SVG file using this link so i can check a few things here?

Don't forget to add you forum's username (@kalinoaj) to the file's name.


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Dear moderator from lisbon:


I sent the original .svg file you requested.

I think i sent a different one by mistake first, but the second one sent a little later is one used to make

PAGES prints shown in my earlier post.


I tried redoing making the tiff from the svg file, for both 8 bit tiff and 16 bit tiff,

but neither of them matched the output quality of the tiff produced from letting Graphic Converter

make the tiff from the original .svg file.


It is important to not that both AD and Graphic CONVERTER were fed EXACTLYthe same .svg file, so it is unclear why one makes a substantially sharper image when imported into say PAGES word processor.


I could always use GC as the final step, but that is a pain in the neck doing so for every file I operate on.


Thanks for the comeback.


Also one suggestion was to use .pdf as an output file into PAGES, but my requirement is to use tiff files.

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