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symbols get damaged under some circumstances (inserting a symbol into a symbol and deleting)

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under some circumstances you can damage your symbols / your scene.



Watch the attached video to see how to reproduce the issue.

But the steps should be something like the following:


1. create a rect

2. make it a symbol (get rid of it from your artboard)

3. use the symbol e.g. 3 times by dragging out of the lib

4. group the 3 symbols

5. make the group a symbol as well

6. drag that group-symbol once again by dragging it from the lib, so you have 2 group-symbols

7. drag the single rect-symbol out of the lib

8. modify the hierarchy by dragging the single rect-symbol into one of the group-symbols to make it a child object

9. delete that new child object (the rect-symbol)



Cheers, Stefan.



@MEB: Maybe this was the reason how I damaged my file (reported bug "AD crashes when moving artboard around" ?!?


Affinity Designer 1.6

Affinity Photo 1.6


macOS Sierra 10.12.6;

MacBookPro (13 inch, Early 2015); 3.1 GHz i7 CPU; 16 GB RAM

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