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Information thinking of buying the Affinity Designer application

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I thinking of buying the Affinity Designer application and I would like to know:


- Can I Install in all the computers that I use (at the moment one Desktop and one Laptop)? There is a limit? Or the limit is the user only?

- Do you sell direct (meaning not buying in the Apple App Store)?

- Do you have special prices for upgrading?

- In future minor upgrades it all by the App Store or direct download? 

- Is there a direct email for support?

- How does this work or where can I find more info?



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Hi va2m,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)


1. You, you can install it on all computers you own/control as long as you are the only one using Affinity Designer for commercial purposes.


2. No. Currently Affinity Designer for Mac is only available through the Mac App Store.


3. All updates are free until version 2.0 which is a paid upgrade. We may offer a discount at launch for all users (we already have done it in the past) but currently there's no upgrade price for existing users since at this point the Mac App Store doesn't allow that.


4. Currently all updates are managed through the Mac App Store app.


5. The official support forums are the first place to look for help/report issues. Both the support staff and the developers themselves are around to reply/solve any issue you may have. We may also provide other ways/contacts when required to solve particular issues.


6. I'm not sure i understood your question. Can you please rephrase it? If you are referring to how support works: when you have an issue or a question just create a new thread in the corresponding section here on the forums and the staff will pick it from there. We may request files, provide a way to upload them directly to us if you need to keep them private, PM (personal message) you or provide an e-mail if necessary to solve whatever issue /question you may have.


If you need more information about the application itself please check our website. There's a trial link available at the bottom of the product page below the Buy buttons.

For learning resources, here’s some that may help you get started:

- In-house Video Tutorials for Affinity Designer 
- Affinity Designer Workbook - Affinity Designer’s Official Guide 
- The Help file (menu Help ▸ AffinityDesigner/Photo Help) covers extensively all features/tools of the each program. It’s a great reference, don’t overlook it.
- I’ve also compiled a list of other learning resources here, including third party Books, Training Courses and Tutorials

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