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Fun with Fonts: Typographic trickery and Comic Font Sale!

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Here's an article from the Creative Bloq about some tricks for good typography:




And those crazies over at ComiCraft are having another in their annual never-to-be-repeated font sale:




This sale begins on New Year's eve and continues through Jan 1st and ends at midnight. This year all fonts will be on sale for $20.15 each, even ones that are normally $19 or less. This past January 1st the fonts were on sale for $20.14. Even though they specialize in Comic Book fonts (and as a company they do letter for many comic companies: DC, Marvel, Image, etc) there are a number of display fonts that are just great for titles, logos and such. Many of the more recent display fonts have solid and outline variations -- both have identical kerning and such so that you can make copies of one, change the font to its outline and then color each one separately and have the effect of  Blue outlined text with a light green fill (for example).  The Kill Joy,  Kill Zone and Kill Switch fonts are great examples of this:




If you like what you see, create an account there (they don't sell or share their email list, btw) and make a wishlist so when Jan 1st rolls around you can easily buy the fonts you want for the NTBR sale price. And if you are into comic creation you can subscribe and get all the fonts they create in 2015 for just $129 until the end of January. They put out at least 12 fonts a year and I've been subbing for a few years now and it's been very much worth it to me. But then, I'm a fontaholic and should be on a 12 point program. :P


(Just to point out, the fonts in the Pumpkin Tutorial were, for the most part, ComiCraft fonts. A few of the heading fonts were from this past year's releases)


happy Holidaze all!

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