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Hello guys, please:


- Try adjusting the tracking on Designer, 

it doesn’t do the same error on photoshop: there is an annoyance in the up and down that is buggy over all the interface, characters section, plz research all on the Fonts, menus of Typography mainly.(sliding in the numbers column is very buggy)
- the color menus and eyedropper??? where are the similitudes in Adobe ???I tried many times choosing a color once i enter the secondary color menu and the eyedropper does't do a thing there... plz revisit all those.
- There is a huge problem which is the simplest one regarding alignment of 2 text boxes if they are not outlined, the box has a mind of its own... in short , text doesn't aligns with text but with the text box angles... 
- Gradients in layers made in adobe, nothing of the gradient done in adobe photoshop can be taken into Affinity literally... very bad... you need complete adaptation.


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Hi soundofnature,


I'm not sure I understand issues 1 and 3, are you able to do a separate screen recording of each issue showing the problem clearly please? 


Regarding point 2 when you use the colour dropper from those dialogs it will change the colour of the swatch next to the eyedropper. You can then click that swatch to apply it as the colour. This is By Design and won't be changing.

Regarding point 4, are you're making Gradient Layers in Photoshop and then importing the PSD into Affinity? Do you have a PSD that you can attach that demonstrates the issue please


We can never fully 100% support the PSD format, simply because it is a closed format fully known to only Adobe. With that said we do try where we can to support as much as possible, but there are certain things that limit us or cannot be done. If you require 100% PSD/Photoshop compatability then I suggest you use Photoshop.

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