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[AD] bug: same RGB/Opacity, different colors!

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This is really strange:

I have two shapes, both of them 25% color opacity (not layer opacity)

both of them are black (0,0,0) but they appear different, and have different color-picker values!

No effect, no difference in blending mode... Pure weirdness;

Unless I'm missing something?

The white rectangle on the back, is pure white...






Discovery: If I disable the white background rectange (on transparency) they appear the same! As soon as I add a colored shape underneath they exhibit a difference!


I've attached the .afdesign file

different colors.afdesign

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You have different "Blend Gamma" settings for the two shapes


Change the "Blend Gamma" on the rectangle to 2.2 then they will appear the same.


"Blend Gamma" is accessible via the "Cog" icon on the layers panel

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@carl123, wow, you are so right! Didn't even know this existed!

Not sure how the gamma changed though; probably it wasn't my doing but then again I can't say with absolute certainty!


also thank you @MEB!

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