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I'm finding use of the crop tool really frustrating, sorry!


I've just used Affinity Photo whilst at an event. I was taking portraits and then customers immediately viewed their images and purchased their favourites. Invariably a few of the images needed extra cropping, for which I used Affinity Photo.


i was printing 6x8 inches, so I set up a preset for a 3:4 ratio crop (why is there not one already? This is a standard print size).


However, whenever I opened a new image in AP the crop tool had reset to the default option (freeform crop). I had to select the 3:4 preset everytime. Could there be an option for AP to remember the previously used crop option?



Also, the crop interface overlayed the image boundaries outside of the image. The image was filling my screen, and I had to scroll up and out of the image to find the crop tool handles in order to bring them back into the image - this was REALLY annoying and took up a lot of time.




1. Set the crop tool handles to fall within the boundaries of the image and let the user drag outside the image if required.


2. Once the crop tool and crop ration/preset has been selected, let the user drag the crop boundaries over the image so they can select the crop region straight away.


I really liked the speed of AP, I need to adjust to the interface still but that is a matter of time. Having used PS for 20 years I'm very used to that way of working. I like the fact many of the shortcut keys are the same in AP and PS.


Kind regards,



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Hi Charles,


I will move this thread to the Feature Requests section as our developers monitor that section for ideas for future updates and I think your ideas for the Crop Tool would make a great addition to the app :)



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