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[APh] Perspective Live Filter + Layer Effects rendering bugs

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(Hover with mouse over the attachment thumbnails to see the images file name)


How to reproduce:


1. Use Perspective Live Filter to distort an image or embedded document

2. Try to apply a Gradient Overlay Layer Effect

3.You'll get the error shown in the attached Bug.jpg


Additional report:


1. Create a shape with a similar gradient

2. Try to mask it inside the layer with Perspective Live Filter (as a work around to the bug above)

3. You now get the attached Extra-Bug.jpg issue...


Hope these reports help improving this feature.

Mods/Devs, if you need to source file let me know and I'll share by PM.




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I know this is an old thread, but I'm picking this up to report that the combination of Layer Effects and the Perspective Live Filter still results in more or less unpredictable glitches. This happens on both the Mac and the Windows version, and the bugs are especially visible when the Live Perspective is a nested layer. And it happens in both the current stable version of Affinity Photo 1.6 and the latest Affinity Photo Beta 1.7.

There are many ways to have the bugs show up. One of them goes like this: Create a new Text Layer, type in some letters, nest a Live Perspective Filter inside it, distort the perspective so that the layer contents go beyond the original bounding box and add some layer effects like Gaussian Blur or 3D. Note that these are indeed just rendering bugs because as soon as you rasterise the composition, everything looks right. It's just that it's impossible to use this non-destructively because the results aren't displayed correctly.

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