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Brush tool/Slice tool/copy Mask/Floods mask selection/Align layers

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Hi guys, I finally got into reediting in AP after a long time.
I know the questions thatfollows have been answered before, and trust me I searched in the forum but to no avail.

1-So the first one would be, keyboard and mouse shortcut for increasing and decreasing brush size, as of right now no combination of strokes seems to work.
And no, left and right bracket keys are no viable option nor do they work on an italian layout keyboard

2-the slice tool in export persona: I do post images on instagram after having them resized to 2048px on the long edge, so for pano I usually use the clise tool on PS
and make say a 3 slice off of a pano that has been cropped to 3:1 and export them, so that I can upload them as multipe images to instagram and retain the pano.
How do I do that in AP? it seems that the slices are only there for free and rectangular slices...any way to tell AP to slice my document in 3 equal part vertically and export them?

3-Copy one layer mask to another layer/adjustment layer, how do I do that?

4-when I have something selected and marching ant areon, how do I flood that selection with back or white? (on a layer mask)

5-I do like lthe stack option for files I already have on my HDD (I don't know what, but it's freaking stupid fast with 16bit tiffs), but let's say I have 4 layers in a document that I want to align, do I simply select 'Live Stack group' from the arrange
toolbar? since it does not give me the option to align layers i am skeptic It'll actually align them

PS. I am using English as a language even though I am using an italian layout keyboard.
BTW, thanks AP team

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I can help with no.1


Provided you are using a mac, you can use the ctr. and alt key and move your mouse up or down to  alter the hardness and sideways to alter the size. (Or the equivalent gestures on the track pad)

You can also assign your own key board shortcuts:

-Still assuming you have a mac;

Go to preferences (under the Affinity Photo menu) choose keyboard shortcuts.

(On WIndows this is under the edit menu, I think.)

On top drop down:Photo 

On second drop down choose "Paint brush tool"

Assign the shortcuts  you want.


EDIT: Tick apply to all.

- Affinity Photo 1.7.2
- Affinity Designer 1.7.2
-Affinity Publisher 1.7.2


MacBook Pro 8 GB
MacBook Pro Mojave 10.14.6

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thanks Madame, I discovered somehow how to do it, You have to press lt and click both left and right mouse button then drago up/down  Left/right to controll strenght and size, kinda convoluted ifyou ask me, now I wonder How can I change that

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