//edit: I've been told to move it to "bugs on mac"   Dear all,   when I batch process several RAW (*.CR2) files to jpeg all jpegs are way too dark. They don't look nearly like the original. When I use the develop persona for each single RAW file instead, the files look almost the same like the original (but also a little darker then the original). This applies only, when all assistants (except for lens correction) are activated prior to processing (View > Assistant Manager > Develop Assistant). If all of these assistants are deactivated, the pictures differ a lot from the originals and are also way too dark - compared to the RAW files (files look like after batch processing).   Do you have an idea, what could be the reason for this? I am shooting pictures only in RAW with my camera and need to batch process all RAWs to jpegs afterwards. For now, I can't do this with Affinity Photo, because each single jpeg is way too dark.   For my understanding: The Affinity Photo RAW converter should not change the RAW file in any way, as long as I don't change anything while developing (just import -> export to jpeg). Am I right? This is not the case when using Affinity Photo for RAW development - at least for me. The pictures always differ from the RAW file (they already differ after importing. Exporting seems not to be the problem). sometimes differ slightly: single processing in develop persona with assistants activated. sometimes differ very much: batch processing or single processing and all assistants deactivated.   When using "Camera RAW" (just import -> export to jpeg) without any changes, after exporting the pictures look exactly the same like the originals (RAW). So the RAW files are not corrupt.   OS: macOS 10.12.4 Affinity Photo: latest version available on app store Camera: Canon EOS 70D (latest firmware)   Thank you very much in advance for any hints meeexx