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[AP] Output ICC profiles not applied correctly on export

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After seeing your tutorial on working in ProPhoto and exporting to sRGB (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dGJsQiQsYs) I set up AP to work like this; documents are converted to ProPhoto on opening and my export profile is set to sRGB as per the video.


However, this is producing incorrect results.  It seems that the output profile is being applied BEFORE the layers are merged leading to different colours.  From the video I expected it to be applied AFTER, i.e. as if you'd first done a "Merge Visible" then converted the profile to sRGB.


To reproduce:

  • Open an image in a ProPhoto or other profile.
  • Apply HSL, White Balance or curves layer adjustments.
  • Export a jpg with sRGB selected as output profile.
  • Note the colours do not match AP.
  • Convert the document to sRGB, note that they do now match.

The behaviour I expect should be as stated in the video and as if I performed the following actions:

  • With document still in ProPhoto, select Merge Visible.
  • Convert the document to sRGB; note the colour does NOT change.

Is this the expected behaviour?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi arangast


We are converting after the image has been flattened on export. As ProPhoto is a wider gamut that sRGB, any more extreme or saturated colours need to be reduced or clipped to fit in the sRGB gamut which will provide slightly different results from what is shown in the app. If you compare the exported jpg to merging and then converting in AP, the images are the same whcih is the expected behaviour as you outlined above. This can be confirmed by placing the exported jpg as a layer on top of the flattened image in AP and setting the blend mode to difference. This should appear black to show no difference unless some jpg compression has been applied.


Comparing an un-flattened image in AP will always looks slightly different due to the colour modes and the way they interact with the adjustment layers.



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Thanks for the reply Chris.


Just to be clearer, what I was seeing was the exported JPG was not the same as the result of merging and converting, but it did look the same as just converting the un-flattened image.  I will try what you suggested tonight though and update the thread with an example.

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