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selection brush tool dosnt work

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When trying to use Selection Brush Tool, for replacing background with pure white, (following Projects- Product Shot Retouching vimeo), I have run into a problem:

Im using a regular JPG image and my Background layer is selected. After clicking on the above brush tool and dragging over the area needed in image, nothing happens. The cursor has changed to a cross-hairs. Under 'History', every time I drag and release, another 'Rastor smart selection brush end drag' line is added. Under 'Layers', the Background (pixel) layer is still selected, with no extra layers added.

I am using the latest build-



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Hi,  sorry for my english! I'm just starting with affinity (i'm a beginner) and  I have already a problem.  I've a problem with the brush inpainting, not with the other brush tools. When I select the inpainting brush, it does'nt do anything !

I have the version. Has someone the same problem ?

thanks for the answer

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Hi Mikele,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Make sure you have the correct layer selected in the Layers panel (not an adjustment, mask or filter) and that it's a (Pixel) layer type. Look at the label between parenthesis after the layer's name in the Layers panel - if it's identified as an (Image) layer type, right-click on it and select Rasterise... to convert it to a (Pixel) layer. You can then use the Inpainting Brush Tool on that layer. Only Pixel layer types can be manipulated at a pixel level. (Image) layer types are considered object layers - they retain the original image data and can be transaformed globally (scalled, rotated skewed etc) but cannot be manipulated at a pixel level.

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