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[Fixed] [AD] Bug when trying to Undo Transparency on Text Frame

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Came across this oddity...


1. Create a text frame, and insert filler text.

2. Lock the text frame.

3. Draw some other stuff.

4. Apply transparency to the locked text frame.

5. Make some alterations to the other stuff (so that there is something to undo).

4. Now undo repeatedly.


All other actions undo, but not the application of transparency to the locked Text Frame, which is skipped, despite being listed in the History Panel.




It tried the same sequence of steps with a Rectangle in place of the Text Frame and the applied transparency did undo correctly - which is bizarre!

Win7 Ultimate x64   |   i5-3570K @ 3.4GHz   |   16 GB RAM   |   120 GB SSD   |   nVidia GTX 660 Ti   |   Huion 1060 Plus

How I make GIFs >>> ScreenToGIF (Windows only, Open Source, Portable, ~600kB)

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