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Tutorial request: Photo Manipulation

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Hi all,


I recently took a picture of a beautiful chameleon. I removed the background using AP and added a different one (please see attached file) I'm still in the process of learning AP and would like to manipulate that image so that it looks real. Would it be possible for someone to create a tutorial that targets this task? I searched online and couldn't find one.


Thank you in advanced.


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I can't make a tutorial, sadly, but I can tell you what to look for.


Colours. They need to match in luminosity and saturation. 

Focus. I.e your chameleon is pin sharp, but the background is quite soft.

The direction of the light, It need to come from the same direction of course. In the wood, there will be light from different "sources" but there will be a "main direction" so the shadows will fall in the same direction.

The temperature of the light.
The perspective.. oh.. it's not possible to explain this in a short answer. But the picture need to be taken from the  same angle, and the size of the object need to be in proportion to the background. 

In the picture you posted, I would start with at HSL adjustment layer clipped to the chameleon so the chameleon and the moss will match.
And then a brightness and contrast layer, to match the light also clipped to the chameleon.

Make a believable shadow. You can add a pixel layer and paint with black where the shadow will be. Add a blur to the shadow.


The selection of the chameleon is a bit "off". Maybe you need to tweek (refine) it  some more.

I'm sure I have forgotten a lot. But this is a beginning. You can find lots of tutorials of compositing, it don't have to be from Affinity for you to get an understanding of the "art".

Good luck. :)

- Affinity Photo 1.6.7

- Affinity Designer 1.6.1


MacBook Pro 8 GB
MacBook Pro Mojave 10.14.2

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