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[Fixed] Affinity Designer - settings do not save, polish diacritics shortcuts error

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I have problems with Affinity Designer (up to date, WIn 7 64 PL).
There are polish diacritics shortcuts like [alt] + [l] = [ł] and so on.


I had some problems with latest update the same as were mentioned here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/35890-polish-programers-keyboard/

Problem solution described in this thread - removing shortcuts for text alignment.
Ok - everything is fine, but my settings do not want to save.


Everytime AD starts I need to load shortcuts from previously saved file.


Is there any solution for that?



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Hi Triforcesolutions,


The issue with the Polish diacritics has now been fixed in the latest beta for Affinity Designer (found here). I was able to reproduce the shortcuts not being saved, however this also looks to be fixed in the new beta. 

Could you give that a try for me please.

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