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[Fixed] AD - Swatches-Panel: Renaming Color renames wrong color.

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Hey there,


Affinity Designer v1.5.2.58


When renaming colors in the Swatch-Panel, a complete different/wrong color get's renamed. Could not get the pattern why which color get's renamed.

See attached GIF.


Greetings, Johannes


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Hi JohaWeber,

There was a previous issue when importing palettes that it was not importing the names correctly - this is why all your names are appearing strangely. It could also be the reason your getting other colours being renamed as you've experienced. I've just tried it myself on the new beta build where the swatch names have been fixed, and I cannot reproduce it.

Could you install the Beta build (found here) and then re-import your palette and see if you still get the issue.


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