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Affinity Designer 1.5.5 macOS update

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Affinity Designer 1.6.0 update now available on the Mac App Store


Affinity Designer 1.5.5 update now available on the Mac App Store


Fixes include

  • Reduce unwanted screen updates that caused visual artefacts when moving artboards around.
  • Resolved issue with pixel layers inside symbols which are then transformed.
  • Controversial change to pixel documents: 100% view now maps document pixels directly to screen pixels. If you have a retina Mac you will now see 100% view showing a pixel in the document on each pixel on your display.
  • Wireframe view mode now allows the user to select locked items by click or marquee. Basically, if you're in wireframe view and you can see it, you can now click it to select it. This makes wireframe view much more useful for toggling on/off to select specific items in the document.
  • With rulers visible and a high-frequency input device such as a pen tablet (or a mouse in macOS Sierra) the rulers would make the document update very slowly, this has been resolved.
  • SVG export of gradients is now more compatible with QuickLook.
  • Stability fixes for text.
  • Fixed bug applying OpenType contextual rules.
  • Fix for crashes with 32bit documents on Lion and Mountain Lion.
  • Fix for right-clicking a text object in the Text tool failing to select the current word if the user is over the caret.
  • Improved PSD import/export of HSL adjustments.
  • Improved PSD import of fill layers with empty stroke masks and also parse line origination data.
  • Import badly-formed PSD files created by Marmoset.
  • Fix for occasional crash with embedded documents.
  • PDF export fix for Overprint flag which was not getting unset at certain times, leading to items unintentionally overprinting.
  • Fix for system chime noise when holding Cmd+Alt+Space.
  • Fix for layers panel showing incorrect document information when changing from Separated window mode to normal mode if multiple documents are open.
  • Fix for some images opening and saying they are 1dpi.
  • Numerous other stability improvements and fixes.


Many thanks,

Team Affinity

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