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Anna Susanna

Awesome little Font Viewer/Organizer

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I was looking for a way to organize your fonts via windows,where you can have them instead,but put them in folders (you can do this in gimp,I think). but couldnt find anything where you could. But,I did find this handy little font viewer/organizer where is shows all your fonts,lets you make folders and name them so if you have many blocky type you just make a folder for them and its easier to find them then to scroll around lol. you can use fonts you need w/o havin to install every one of them,so if you need a specific type and you can even uninstall any font too,w/o havin to your your os uninstaller.


Its called Nexus Font Viewer.





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One I like for macOS Not free But it also Works with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.
You can Activate and Deactivate fonts works with Google fonts and much More..

Web Page:     RightFont



Cheers ヅ,
Bill 


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Found this font viewer,a blogger claims it to be the best one yet.


MainType - the best font manager I've ever seen


That's the one I use. There is a free version, but only for non-commercial use and limited to a library of 2500 fonts.


Comparison Chart


The proprietor of High-Logic B.V. posted to his forum a few months ago to report that (after taking more than a day to index them all) MainType performs well with a customer's collection of over 650 thousand fonts.

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