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Boolean subtract doesn't work with 45 degree angle

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Sometimes I find the boolean subtract operation just doesn't do its job.


Today I had this semicircle that I wanted to cut off at 225 degrees and at every curve I make to subtract at this angle this happens:





When I change the angle somewhat it works like it should.




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Perhaps I'm missing something here, but I think it's easier to use the Pie Tool to create the exact angles you want, and then convert to curves and delete the radii.

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Hi tcarisland

I've just tried this myself and it appears to work as I would expect. Any chance you could attach the file from your first screenshot please?

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Thanks for the file. I've reproduced the issue, it looks to be caused by the edges sharing the exact same space. If I drag the triangle out a little bit (to the right and down) then it will work as expected. I'll pass it on to development.

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