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Closed Curves With Vector Brush – Gap?

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Say I stroke a closed shape with a Vector Brush (in Designer). 

There is always a gap at the terminal point.


Say you don't want the gap. No matter how you edit the brush's Properties

– including Head or Tail Offset, Overlap, Pull, etc., – 

there's always a gap at the closing node.


Is there a trick I don't know? (Besides opening the curve and tugging the end nodes for visual stroke overlap.)


Wouldn't visual vector-brush stroke closure be a desirable feature for some/many purposes?

¿Could this option be designed into Brush Properties, in a later A.D. update?


thanks in advance,


– pbass

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Hi pbass,

We are already aware of this issue. If you break the curve (the node) where the gap is located it may close the gap (depending on the brush). To do it select the Node Tool, select the node where the gap is located and press Break Curve from the Action section the context toolbar.

Thanks MEB,


Glad to hear it's going to get looked at.


Yes, that Breaking-the-node does do something. It's kind of unpredictable, though. Once I've broken it, changing various Properties settings for the vector brush have different effects. 

Some give the opposite problem: "Crossover" – where the ends of the stroke stick out past the node a bit. Or weird amputation of the ends...


Attached is an example.

(To see just the stroke without the skeleton & nodes, but without deselecting, I just toggle Z or H...)


Just for fun, in the brushes 'Properties', try pressing 'Corners –>Fold'. :^D!


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