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I do not exactly understand the behavior of the assistant for example in the develop persona.


After opening a raw image i can enter the assistant and select or deselect some options. but the changes doesnt always effect the actual import? is this right? So I have to reopen the raw some times?


If, for example, "apply tone curve" is checked before opening a new raw, I can check and uncheck the tone curve option and I can see the difference immediatly. but checking and unchecking the denoise option does nothing? the settings in details/noise reductions stay uneffacted when unchecking/checking the option in the assistant...?


And even if "apply lens correction" is set, i cannot see, if AP does anything?


Thanks for help!


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Hi Andreas,


The options within the Develop assistant works separate to the option on the panels. So denoise will be automatically applied to your RAW file if enabled but the denoise panel information won't change, the same applies to the Tone curve. Lens correction will only apply if the make and model of the camera and lens is stored within the lensfun library we use.

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